Recently we delivered some products to downtown Silver Spring Maryland. Since the turn of the 21st century the town has seen a huge regrowth in development. There are a plethora of new shops down main street such as next day blinds.  If you’re on your way to the capital stop by and check out this hidden gem.

When it comes to air conditioning there is no denying that Panasonic know what they are doing. Along with their competitors, Panasonic and their team of designers and engineers strive to break through the breaches of innovation and claw their way to achieving the ultimate goal – to create the most efficient air conditioning unit available on the market.

From years of battling through, we can finally say that Panasonic have gone one step further than their competitors with their latest innovation of 2016 – the all new Commercial Air Conditioning unit range designed specifically for office space. We have sat on the bleachers of this on-going battle between the world’s leaders in technological innovation, patiently waiting and keeping score of what each electronical technician can surprise us with next.

ac-panasonicThe industry of air conditioning units receives a lot of back lash from environmentalists for being energy wasters, an inefficient source of electricity and a factor in causing global warming however, tech leaders such as Panasonic, LG and Daikin strive to create air conditioning units out of the latest technologies to fight this conspiracy.

Set to be the world most efficient air conditioning unit to date that reduces energy costs, Panasonic have dished out a true winner with their latest range of commercial air conditioners that will be sure to get you through the blisteringly hot summer that is hopefully coming our way!

Energy Saving

The use of energy saving designs for the structure of fans, fan motors, compressors and heat exchanges has resulted in a high COP value, ranked as one of the top classed in the industry. In addition, use of highly efficient R410A refrigerant reduces CO2 emission and lowers operating costs.

Perfect for Server Rooms

Keeping at an appropriate temperature no matter the circumstances, Panasonic have specifically designed their newest range of commercial air conditioners so that they will be perfect in keeping a server room at one temperature that does not fluctuate even when outdoor temperature comes in.

More Compact

The new slim line, lightweight design ensures that the stereotype of big clunky air conditioning units is broken so that your air conditioning unit will fade into the background and blend in with all the other furniture and equipment in your office. There is nothing worse than the sight of a big clunky machine staring at you in the face when you are trying to work but with Panasonic’s new commercial air conditioning range, you will be guaranteed to not even notice that there is an air conditioner in the room!

New Remote

Although it doesn’t seem like much of a great new feature, you will actually be surprised at how seamless it will be to use the newer range of commercial air conditioners with this new remote. With a cleaner design, easier functionality and controls and lower energy consumption this remote is completely different to what we have seen before.

Quiet mode

Apart from being big and clunky, another annoying stereotype of air conditioning units is that they make a lot of unnecessary noise. Trying to concentrate with a running machine churning in your ear can be nothing worse for efficiency which is why Panasonic have ensured that their new commercial range have a quiet mode so that you can work happily in a quiet and cool room.

A lovely outdoor water fountain can make a great addition to your landscape that not only transforms the look and feel, but also boosts the value of your home. There are a lot of people who will pay a great deal of money to have a nice water feature around their home. If you are looking to have a pond or a similar water feature, you should also think about investing in a nice water fountain that you can add to it. This article dives a bit deeper into some of the many advantages that come from having a nice outdoor fountain for a body of water that is already on your land.

Stagnant Water

Any sort of pond or lake on your property that does not have the right filtration or movement can become what is known as stagnant. There can be a lot of issues with stagnant water, to include the growth of microorganisms that can fester and cause harm to others. This is also an issue that will cause a lot of animals and insects to gather around your property that you may not want.

A quality outdoor water fountain can be a great addition to your lake or pond because it will eliminate the problem of standing water. While cycling through, the water will not become stagnant and it will remain full of life.

Eliminate Bugs

Insects simply love water. This means that you will end up with much more than flies and gnats and you could develop an issue with a variety of dangerous insects like bees when you have stagnant water. These are insects that drink from the lake and will feed off other growing organisms. Running water will help you to have less insects as the water is always churning. This makes it harder for the bugs to be able to thrive in the area.

Adding Value

According to Outdoor Fountain Pros the right outdoor fountain will be a nice way to bring a lot more value to your home and your landscape. This is going to be much more than a focal point, as a fountain is a great feature that has more than one benefit that comes along with the installation. Depending on the type of water feature that you end up going with, you may find that there will be little or no maintenance involved and your water will be fresher and clearer than it would without the fountain.

Relax In Your Own Oasis

No matter what, everyone wants to have their own garden space or exterior area where they can go to relax and get away from the daily stresses of life. Your new outdoor water fountain can be the perfect way to give your property the extra bit of calm and serenity that you have been looking for while also breathing life into the already beautiful outdoor spac

Want to get your house sold, then follow these ten tips to do so.

Improve it.

As you can only make a “first impression” only once, you have to make sure your house looks as appealing as possible. Since potential buyers are going to form an impression within the first minute, your front entrance should look neat and clean. Plant some flowers, mow the lawn, repaint the fence and the door, remove all clutter and move your old car somewhere else.

Tidy it up.

You house should be sparkling clean when visitors arrive. You have to do a thorough cleaning before putting it up on the market. Moreover, you have to make sure you perform regular maintenance cleaning, so it’s probably best to hire a cleaning company to come by weekly. In addition, clean your windows on both sides, as they are among the first things potential buyers notice.

Repair everything.

Fix all minor dents, cracks and other similar problems before your visitors have a chance to step inside. If I were looking to sell my house quickly this is what I would do.

Get rid of all clutter.

As hard as it may be, you have to eliminate your clutter, as it’s never going to help you sell your property. A cluttered house is going to look uglier and smaller than it really is. You have probably noticed all high class stores have plenty of space and a clutter-free look, while ordinary shops pile up merchandise like crazy. Even ancient Chinese have made clutter elimination a central principle of their Feng Shui practice.

Make it look neutral.

It’s a well known fact that neutral colors attract more buyers. You have to make your home look neutral, thus offering potential buyers a chance to imagine themselves living in that space. If you use bright and vivid colors, you may find people who love the style, but most of them are going to shy away. Neutral, high-quality interiors are the ones that sell best.


Remove all your personal items from the living space, as you don’t want to turn off your potential buyers. The process of buying a house is mainly emotional, so you want people to depict themselves inside the house, rather than seeing your personal belongings and memories all over the place.

Beware of pets.

You may love your pets, but you don’t know what other people think about them, so you may want to confine them to an area out of the sight of your visitors. Moreover, you have to make sure there are no funny odors or stains inside your house, so clean everything very well before opening your door to potential buyers.

Define your areas.

You have to make viewers understand from a glance what is the purpose of each area inside the house. This is going to help them figure out where they are going to place their personal belongings and their furniture.

Have adequate lighting.

Each room should have lighting that’s adequate to its purpose. Have bright lights in the kitchen area, but use a subtle mood lighting in the living room and in the bedrooms. Make sure all bulbs work.

Use accessories.

Accessories are excellent for enhancing your rooms, as they can help create a harmonious feeling. Mirrors, plants and freshly cut flowers can add life to rooms and make viewers fall in love with the house.

The rustic look is one of the classic design statements which can make your home stand out, and it is surprisingly easy to do. With just a little bit of decoration, a few pieces of Log furniture and some subtle design features, you can create this rustic look in your home. Once you understand the basic principles of the rustic look, you can find many fantastic ways to create a rustic style for your home.

Go for wood

One of the most important elements of any rustic home design is wooden furniture. No home would look rustic if it didn’t have strong rustic log furniture, including pieces which look as though they have been weathered or well loved before being placed in your home. If you can find an old dining table or a similar conversation piece, then this could form the basis of your rustic design and will help you to carry the theme onto other parts of your home.

Rummage through antique shops

The key to a rustic theme is to have aged pieces of furniture and decoration. When you are creating a rustic design, old stuff is the best. You can transform older pieces of furniture into useful items for your home, and ensure that you get the great rustic feel you are looking for. Antiques shops and junk shops are the best places to look for this type of furniture, because you can often find unusual and unique items that could not be made to order. You can also try to refinish antique furniture, making it smoother or rougher or darker or lighter, depending upon the needs for your home.

Go with colour

The true rustic feel is based upon the use of natural items, and this can mean that your rustic home can feel rather too brown for your tastes. In order to combat the overwhelming darkness of log furniture and wooden decorations, you need to think about adding colour. Even a small flash of colour in a dark room can really pop out, so you should think about making these items into focus points. Whether you are installing a gold- framed photograph holder, or just using yellow or blue pillows, the eye should be drawn to this feature.

Add fabric

When you are designing your rustic home, you may find that you get a little bit carried away with wooden furniture everywhere. However, the key to a true rustic design is to mix your log furniture with fabrics to soften the tone. Fabrics can also be very useful in transforming what would be an older piece of furniture into something brand-new. Go for understated colours and shades in order to really achieve a rustic look.

Be united

While the rustic style may seem random and disorganised, if you want to have a rustic design to your home, then you need to create a unifying theme which rings all these disparate elements together into something which is unique but internally coherent.

We can all agree that air conditioning units have come a long way from what they were when they were first introduced. Air conditioning units have come on leaps and bounds from those horrendously big boxy units that would sit in our windows and boy are we happy to finally say that! So, in homage to our favourite technical units and their utter greatness through the sweltering summers and Antarctic winters, we decided to create an article that shows off some of the best looking air conditioning units on the market to get rid of those awful images of clunky boxy eyesores.

DAIKIN EmuraDaikin air conditioning unit

Let’s kick things off with an air conditioning unit that is exactly what every household needs right now! The Daikin Emura proves that sleek and intelligent design is extremely important in the world of air conditioners in the 21st century however, they can’t just look the part. Daikin’s newest innovation delivers superior energy efficiency in climate control to reduce energy waste. It ensures the indoor environment is always pure and clean and its air to air heat pumps extract 80% of their output energy by transferring heat from the recycled air around us.

With the highest possible energy label of A*** and whisper quiet sound levels, there is no denying that Daikin have really outdone themselves with this air conditioning unit that not only looks great on the outside but is even better on the inside.

Mitsubishi air conditioning unit

MITSUBISHI Kirigamine Zen

We are big fans of Mitsubishi’s air conditioning units as they are one of the very few providers out there who are able to hit the nail right on the head with their cooling systems. Their newest innovation to the world of air conditioners has had us giddy with excitement. Designed especially to complement modern architecture and interior, Mitsubishi’s latest air conditioning system aims to bring natural harmony to homes. Taking a minimalistic approach, this elegant air conditioning system will blend right in with all other technological items within your home.

This air conditioning unit is available in three sleek colours – black, white and silver. Each unit comes in a shimmering matt finish to create a tranquil environment and with its air filtering technology clean and fresh air is always guaranteed.

Panasonic Etherea

Panasonic air conditioning unitThe all new Panasonic Etherea is truly a work of air conditioning art. With its stunning and sleek design you wouldn’t even notice that there is an air conditioning unit in the room! Not only is this air conditioning unit great on the eye but, beneath its technological surface there are some amazing and innovative features that make it a must have air conditioning unit for 2016.

This innovative air conditioning unit showcases the latest technology of Panasonic’s Eco Clean Life Innovation with sensors to reduce energy waste and anti-allergy Nanoe-G that is tested by the UK Allergy Association for a cleaner living environment

Would you like to know some top easy-to-master decorating tips that can make any room of your house to look better? If you answered 'yes', then you came at the right place.


The following are some of the key decorating points that even a newbie, in the design world, would have an easy time understanding.

Pick your paint colour last

Don’t make a mistake that countless homeowners make – picking a paint colour even before moving in to a new residence. Most of the time I find myself answering calls to new homeowners who want their new house to have the same colour as their old one. I get it. Why not get the new home freshly painted with my favourite paint before moving in? Of course you can opt do it that way, however from my point of view it isn’t ideal.

Out there, there are more than a thousand paint colours with various shades, tones and tints. And all these colours looks slightly different from house to house. Why? The light sources vary from place to place meaning that what is pleasing at your current residence may not be the same in your new one. If you want that colour that suitably complements your rug, artwork, upholstery and so on, then pick the colour only after all your stuff in actually arranged inside your house.

Give your furniture some space

Always resist the urge to overcrowd a room as gracious living means having enough space to manoeuvre with ease. Isn’t that great news to those with tight budgets? It isn’t a must that you fill up all your space with furniture. The main idea here is you spend more budget on fewer though better-quality house pieces, and your room will get a fantastic look unlike when try to stuff every kind of piece available in the market. Even if you have a few high-backed oak chairs, they will stand out as nothing else is there to capture it.

Resist being too theme-y

An example: many people request the Cape Cod look and that a lone make it very common, popular and lack individuality. You simply know everything about its hallmarks including some sailboat paintings, white and blue nautical palette and bead board. Without drawing the obvious clichés, you can make your room to have a coastal vibe using artwork, palette and other materials.

Consider sight lines

Make sure that your focal point is clear and free from room to room so that you can feel like you are being drawn equally by them. Unsurprisingly, that is why the ideal spot for your focal point is the place directly across from your room’s entrance. For example, if you surround your artwork with a seating arrangement, you will be drawing the viewers’ attention into the room as the sight line will be clear.

Vary the scale

Remember that what looks nice in your store might seem like an elephant in your room when you take it home. On the other hand, it may be too small to be of any importance. Thus, always vary proportion and scale. You may have a large space that would be not fit one item properly and you may be required fill it up with two or more items, for example, sand dollars piece and sunburst mirror frame piece.


We visited the World of Concrete in Las Vegas this year. Here are a few clips from the show.

Materials Scientists Make Martian Concrete

Today NPR had an interesting interview about making concrete on MARS. In short the one third gravity allows for Martian concrete to be as strong as concrete used to create skyscrapers on earth.

Sulfur is used as a binding element, which is not ideal but will allow for the first habitats to be created.

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