The bedroom is arguably the most important room in the house – mainly because of its mentally and physically stimulating qualities; sleep, rest, comfort, relaxation, privacy, intimacy, romance and leisure. It’s the one room in the house that only you need to appreciate. and really take to town on the personal effects. However, without organizing the aesthetics of your bedroom, you are missing out on a great opportunity to live a joyous life!

You spend around 8-10 hours a day every in your bed when you’re sleeping, waking and drifting into dreamland, not to mention the times you bring snacks up to cozy into the pillows and watch a film, or get ready for an evening out and have to try on 50 outfits before you successfully leave…or even those days off when all you want to do is sip tea and read your favorite novel.

A bedroom is at its best when it is tidy, clean and full of textural comfort. Of course, the color scheme, fixtures, furniture and accessories bring it to life. Themes are great for working these features into one. So take a look at these bedroom design ideas about how to follow the 2016 trends and make them your own!

5 Bedroom Design Inspirations for 2016


Ever been to one of those World Heritage sites or National Trust homes and fallen head over heels for their details? It’s easy to bring such historic elements into your contemporary space by using reclaimed wood and rustic furniture or adding beams on the ceiling and walls to create that country-village effect.

Use neutral palettes to make the rustic wood stand out and select natural fibers when choosing soft furnishings such as blankets, rugs, towels and curtains. This theme is perfect for guest bedrooms of a Bed and Breakfast or Boutique Hotel, as it works well with minimalism, ensuring that the wooden beams or furniture are the main focus. Definitely a quaint appearance to comfortably welcome many travelers looking to rest their weary heads!


Take inspiration from exotic hotels around the world when designing the look of your bedroom. Think about it. When you travel abroad, what is it that makes you choose those specific spots? Other than the obvious price and location, aesthetics generally influence your decision making process. What kind of luxury are you wanting to experience? What colors excite you? Is it Instagram worthy if you took a photo of it? Would your friends and family back home be swooning over it too?

Then you should take those qualities and add them into your own room, so you always have that feeling of wanderlust! Go for Ottoman silhouettes, African prints, Greek pottery, ethnic rugs and lots of woven textures!


If you want something completely modern, then opt for a style that we’ve dubbed ‘Blogger Chic’. You know what I’m talking about right? That very clean cut and minimalist bedroom with metallic accents, geometrical shapes and pastel shades? You can imagine a stack of Vogue magazines piled on a bedside table next to some fake roses and a scented candle.

Greys, pinks, creams and nude shades are big this year in interior design – particularly for the summer! With rose gold and copper being the metal of the moment, you’ll be wanting colors that stay warm yet subtle. Think about the layout of your accessories, the levels that your lights hang and the angle that your chair is facing… it’s all about having your space a photo shoot creating the illusion of perfect balance.


Who’d have thought you could pull androgyny out of the fashion world and into the realm of interior design. Androgyny is the ideal compromise if you and your partner have different tastes and ideas about what the bedroom should emulate. Perhaps your boyfriend isn’t a fan of your fluffy cushions and fairy lights, or your girlfriend detests your tarnished rock band posters or blue tacked all over your last bedroom. Tt’s time to bring all the gender neutral forces together and create a space you can both be comfortable in!

It’s important to consider the things you both like – and decide on neutral palettes that can work with all your personal accents. If your partner loves a piece of art work but you prefer photo frames, get both and work them in together! Add a couple of prints and textures here and there – after all, it should be romantic and cozy too.