Not all carpet is equal. Some kinds work better with your budget, others with your desired aesthetic. No matter the occasion, it always helps to know what’s out there. But, when it comes to flooring DIY’s, you’d better be informed. Once a carpet goes in, you’ll have to pay through the nose to replace it. So, if you don’t want to get stuck with the wrong carpet, read this helpful guide to help you find the right one. 1. The Style The two most popular styles of carpet construction are based on the way individual fibers are attached to the carpet’s backing. One is called Loop pile, which basically means the fibers are folded into tiny loops. The good thing about this design is that it’s very durable. In other words, you can walk and spill wine on it to your heart’s content, because it doesn’t age fast or stain easily. - The Loop Pile can either be leveled or multi-leveled, based on how high you’d like the folds to rise. If you’re going for a high-traffic carpet, shorter loops will be better because they don’t crush as easily. The other style is called a Cut pile. This means that the yarn tips are cut rather than folded, leaving no loops and a denser, softer feel. If you’re going for comfort and softness, this is your best bet. Though, beware of the different kinds of cut pile: - Plush: a clean and smooth texture that goes well in a formal setting - Saxony: the fibers are longer and slightly twisted for more of a cloudy, meshed feel. - Textured: these are cut unevenly to give something of a pattern texture that’s sturdy and durable. - Frieze: called shag carpet usually, these really long fibers are nice but do not do well in high-traffic areas. - Cable: these fibers are especially thick and fluffy

  1. The Fiber Regardless of how the fiber is styled, what it’s made of can also have a huge impact.

- Nylon: by far the most popular option because of its durability, though it’s not good with stains. - Wool: the most expensive option because it’s natural, durable and stain-resistant - Acrylic: kind of an off-brand equivalent to wool that’s less expensive, though harder to come by. - Olefin: great resistance to moisture, mold and other environmental hazards which makes it ideal for basements.

  1. The Judgement More often than not, carpets are priced for their individual qualities. There’s really no kind of universal benchmark. Another big indicator of price is the weight and density of the carpet. The denser the carpet, the more fibers there are. Naturally, more density equals better carpet. You can easily test this by running your fingers along the carpet. If you feel the backing, then it’s not very dense. For these reasons, it’s important to go with what you want and not what the salesman tells you. If you want a soft carpet for your private bedroom, go for a Saxony cut pile or a multi-leveled loop pile. If you want something for your living room, go with a loop pile made of nylon for a mix of both durability and softness. Author’s Short bio:

My Name is Creswell Rozario owner and founder of Floor Hut Inc. which I opened in 2010. I got my start in the flooring business through a family member in 1995. As a GM of a larger retail chain I gained the knowledge and experience of the flooring industry. Floor Hut's focus has been to provide both residential and commercial clients with top products, professional service and quality installation.

When you hire carpet cleaners you want to get the best service at the best price. But how can you be sure that they will offer you a quality service? There is a way to find a reliable company in London that will clean your carpets to perfection and will not charge you an arm and a leg. Before booking your cleaners you need to research a few companies in London and get quotes from them. Ask them the following questions and you will know that this is the company that will meet both your needs and budget.enter image description here

What techniques do they use to clean carpets?

Carpet cleaning is not a task you can do on your own. Well, you can try to but the results will not be brilliant and you may damage your carpet. Professionals use different carpet cleaning techniques and they know how to treat the different types of stains. There are many different ways to clean a stain that is why you should know how to approach the problem before taking any steps to cleaning your carpet. Ask the company what cleaning methods they use and give them the details of your job so that they can offer you a free quote and tell you how they will clean your carpet.

What kind of stains can they remove?

There are certain types of stains that are difficult to remove. Most of the companies in London use dry carpet cleaning and steam cleaning technology which guarantees that most of the stubborn stains will be removed. When you hire professional cleaners you can be confident that they will remove blood, grease, grass, coffee, rust and mud stains.

How long it would take them to complete the job? Another factor to consider is the time necessary to complete the job. Ask them how long it will take them to finish the task and what can go wrong in the cleaning process. You need to be informed about every eventuality. The duration of the job can depend on many factors including the amount and type of stains the team will have to deal with. If you have a dull carpet with a lot of pesky stains they will have to spend more time on the job.

What is their availability?

Choose a date and time you want the carpet cleaning company London to visit your home and complete the job. Ask the agency if they are available on the day of your choice. If they offer a same day cleaning service they will most probably be able to accommodate your requirements. Ask them if they can clean your carpet on weekends and Bank Holidays and whether this will cost you any extra. The cleaning company you choose (for example: be flexible when it comes to booking times. They should be able to fit around your daily schedule not theirs.

Are they insured?

This is a really important question. Reliable carpet cleaning companies will offer you additional insurance cover that will guarantee you that your carpets or rugs will not get damaged. Some firms in London even offer a free re-clean if you are not satisfied with their work. You need to know the options before hiring carpet cleaners.

Another way to make sure that you are dealing with a trustworthy carpet cleaning company is to find out what their customers in London have to say about them. Also keep in mind that their customer service team should be knowledgeable and polite. Hiring a professional cleaning service requires research and preparation. Don’t book with the first firm you find just because they seem dependable. Shop around for free quotations, do a research and select the agency that offers top-notch services and competitive prices.

Your home is your sanctuary and the place where you should always be able to relax after a tiring day at work. Natural wood accents and relaxing textures inspired from the natural world have been proven as some of the most calming and aesthetically pleasing interior decoration elements one can choose.

As such, it makes sense to decorate your home using not only the latest and most fashionable designs, but also making sure your approach is one that aims to help you relax and enjoy every moment spent in your house or apartment.

A Calmer Home Environment

The retro aspect and natural look of whiskey barrel furniture is known to ensure the best approach to making your home look and feel more harmonious. Barrel furniture collections such as the one featured at Hungarian Workshop allows for a great amount of freedom in coloring your home with the most beautiful tones of color and shapes reminiscent of a picturesque countryside scene.

Wood tones not only have a way of relaxing us and make us feel like we are in a truly familiar and enjoyable setting, but furniture made from wooden barrels can even confer a cozier and reassuring feel.

When you go home and relax on a fine old style couch, and set your beer down on a wine barrel coffee table, the immediate feeling you get is one of instant relaxation, almost as if you were on vacation. Moreover, end tables, small chairs, coffee tables, decoration items, pub tables and rockers made from wooden wine or whiskey barrels can be adapted to your own personal style, and they offer an artistic look that can be made to blend in with almost any type of interior décor – from traditional to retro futuristic looks.

Why Should You Choose Whiskey Barrel Furniture?

As soon as you buy them and set them in place, you’ll find that most types of wine and whiskey barrel furniture are not only functional and beautiful, but also relaxing. Depending on your style and preference, they can even be fun, since you can use them without much hassle and put your creative thinking to the task to come up with new, inventive ways of arranging them around the house.

Whiskey barrel chairs, tables and rockers, like those produced by The Hungarian Workshop, can fit perfectly well on the patio, in your living room, in a study filled with wooden desks and shelves, or even in a retro-style bedroom. Their elegant design and shapes are not only considered fashionable these days – so your friends and family will definitely be impressed whenever they come to visit – but they can easily become your favorite furniture items due to their enjoyable and relaxing overall feel. Barrel-inspired curved shapes and natural wooden tones are also ideal for adding a more imposing look to your home. Visitors will be impressed by the solid, yet artistic interior décor. Also, the subtly varying colors and the lightweight, resilient craftsmanship of your whiskey and wine barrel items will make them easy to move and adapt to any area of your home, whenever you feel like redecorating.

The burden of designing buildings that are aesthetically pleasing, functional and allows for the least amount of waste produced is one that all architects must shoulder. They need to consider the materials used when building, the structure of the building as well as the ease of waste removal in the building.

In the case of apartment buildings, a waste removal service will always be necessary to deal with the sheer amount of waste that all the tenants produce. Not all buildings can withstand this pressure and these are usually the buildings in disrepair with serious hygiene issues. There are certain things architects must keep in mind when designing apartment buildings.

  1. The Bins These are the first and often most crucial step in the waste disposal process. If you’re asked to include designs for a bin area in your building, you need to consider several things. Firstly, make sure the bins are the correct size and design. Bins that don’t completely close with a flap can cause stench in an area, which you want to avoid. Bins that are too small can easily overflow. Bins that are too big won’t have any liners big enough to fit into it. When choosing which bins should be included in the waste disposal area of a building, keep all these things in mind. Separating waste for recycling is also a good idea since it will help to keep the environment clean. There should be bins for recycling, but also one bin for general trash, since many people won’t bother to recycle.

  2. Keep The Cleaning Services In Mind You might not think that making your corridors slightly more narrow to save space will have a big impact, but it could on cleaning services. Insufficient space makes it difficult to transport and store waste until it’s to be collected. Janitors also find it harder to move around with cleaning supplies. The more difficult it is to keep a place free of waste, the more likely it is to become a dirty location. Be sure to keep corridors wide enough for janitors to move around and for bins to be stored in. Having central bins in the corridors that tenants can put their trash into for the janitor to collect is a more effective way of keeping things clean than by expecting tenants to walk down to the waste storage area themselves. More often than not, they won’t do this and leave their trash in the corridors.

  3. Remember To Include Space For Waste Management vehicles When the trash gets picked up, it should be a quick and easy process. The waste storage area should be easily accessible and there should be sufficient space for the garbage trucks to enter the area. This area should be at the back of the building in an outside, gated area that can be opened on days that garbage needs to be picked up. Make sure that trash disposal goes smoothly in your designs.

Making The Best Choice: How To Find The Right Antique Fireplace

Are you in the market for an antique Victorian fireplace, If so, there are a few things that you need to think through before you make your purchase. In particular, it is important to consider your current decor.

  1. Style

There are a lot of antique fireplaces out there, and they can look very different from one another. Therefore, think about your room the way that it is now. Select a fireplace that will blend in well. For instance, if you are putting the fireplace in your bedroom, go for something a little smaller and less ornate. If you are putting the fireplace in your family room, however, you can choose something bigger and fancier.

  1. Type

In the Victorian era, more and more combination fireplaces became available. These fireplaces included the surround and the insert. As you search for your fireplace, remember that you may be able to get a combination fireplace or you may have to look for the surround and insert on its own.

  1. Condition

It is sometimes difficult to assess condition when you are buying over the Internet, but do your best. Make sure you have a variety of pictures to look at. Pay attention to see if there is hard grime or any broken tiles. Sometimes these things aren't a big deal; they can be repaired. However, in some cases the repairs may cost a lot of money, and that could be an expense you are unwilling to take on.


Victorian fireplaces are distinct; they have certain features that you should look for as you are shopping for the product that you want. Check out these beautiful neo-classical fireplaces from Westland London – beautiful aren’t they?


The surround is one of the first things you will see as you look at your fireplace. For this reason, Victorian fireplaces usually had a surround that was created from special materials, like limestone, softwood or marble. Sometimes tile was included. There were often decorative accents as well.


One thing that sets the Victorian fireplace apart is the firebox, which is also known as the cast iron insert. This area is where the fire burns, so the material has to be very durable. The insert itself comes in a variety of designs; some are quite basic while others are very fancy.


Tiles were considered a work of art in this era. They were placed on the canopy and the surround. They made a statement and often add a special touch to the fireplace.

Keeping The Fireplace In Good Condition

How you care for the fireplace is based on what it was made out of and what type of surrounding materials are on it as well. First, make sure you have a vacuum brush. You can keep the fireplace looking nice by getting rid of any dirt or soot. If you are dealing with a cast iron insert, and you have already vacuumed it out, take a damp cloth and use it to loosen up any stubborn soot. Once all the soot is gone, add some iron polish with a soft cloth to really improve the appearance of the fireplace.

When it comes to the surround, you have to be conscious of what it was made out of before you clean it. If it is wood, you need a wood polish. However, pay attention to which kind of wood it is so that you get the right polish. If the surround is made of ceramic or marble, simply use a wet cloth.


Antique Victorian fireplaces have a lot of accessories. For example, you need a coal bucket, a fender, a grate, logs, a fireplace screen and a matches holder.


If you are using the web as part of your fireplace search, make sure you type in certain words depending on what you are looking for. Be as specific as possible to find the right fireplace for your needs. In addition, don't forget that many sites have advanced search; it will let you narrow down your hunt even more and really find what you are looking for. If you are still having problems, consider using the site's "Search Tips" page. There is valuable information there that can help you going forward.

An antique Victorian fireplace is truly a unique feature that will bring you joy for years to come. Not only are they beautiful, but they can help you stay warm as well! Before you make a purchase, do your research so that you can make the most informed decision possible.

Sourcing for new clients in the interior design industry can be challenging at times. The social media, however, provides a clear avenue for one to source for new and potential clients quickly. You can, therefore, use this platform to not only expand your client base but also reach out to many other audiences, from the comfort of your chair. There’s however more to social media marketing than just creating a profile.

If looking for a way to promote your interior design business or reach out to new clients, the tips and tricks discussed below can help kick start your social media marketing campaign.

  1. Use multiple social networks Choose at least three social networks that best match your industry and clientele. If targeting younger audiences and clients, then consider using Tumbler and Twitter. If your target audience is a mix of both old and young customers, you can them capitalize more on Facebook. Pinterest also comes in handy for designers since most of its content is visual.

  2. Build relationships The social media provides a great platform to interact with other people, artists included. You can therefore use this platform to create and build a relationship with your audience. Taking part in discussions, conversations, and answering most of your audience's questions are some of the ways you can build trust and confidence. It is through conversations that ice will be broken, hence making it easy for the target audience to ask relevant questions, and also trust your company.

  3. Blog Having an account with several social networking sites isn’t enough for your audience, particularly when most fans what to see how you get the magic done. Aside from having an online portfolio, consider starting a blog detailing all your work. While it wouldn’t be wise to share everything (mainly secrets), potential clients will get a better idea of what you do thus making it easy for them to contact you for a more personalized offer or deal.

  4. Be creative yet cautious when posting on social media Creativity matters a lot, especially when in the design industry. It would, therefore, be advisable to publish well thought out content on the social media as opposed to posting too much stuff that no one is interested in. Vibbi advise to have your audience in mind each time you post anything on social media, as this will define how far your business will/can go.

  5. Have a good website design As long as you are in the design industry, your audiences and potential clients expect much more than those not in the industry. This is the reason why you need to invest heavily in your website design, usability, and presentation. Have the site inspected and optimized for responsiveness and navigation.

If implemented properly, social media marketing can give your business the boost it needs to go beyond borders and attract more potential clients your way. You only need to know what should be done to make it a success.

Chain link fences are very functional and picket fences are quite charming, however, is there an access solution for property that provides both of these? Yes, there absolutely is! Automatic gates offer your commercial or residential property with increased security while also increasing its curb appeal. Automatic gates also offer a higher return on investment for property owners. And there are even more benefits to automatic gates.

Always Stay Safe

Whether you are protecting pets and children at home or preventing unwanted guests from accessing your commercial property, one of the most reliable security options are automatic gates. When you install an automatic gate on your property it offers you 24/7 security without having to have additional staff resources.

When you are protecting your house, automatic gates offers pet owners and parents an invaluable sense of security whenever pets and children are playing in the yard. Also, you don't need to worry about anyone accessing your property whenever you are away from home - your property is continually protected by your automatic gate whether you are at home, out to lunch or on vacation.

Stylish Security

Automatic gates, unlike manual fences and gates, have been designed to offer maximum security while at the same time enhancing your property's curb appeal. Before you install an automatic gate, review all of your design options carefully. If an automatic gate is being added to your residence, think about using an iron gate, since they offer your property a timeless style. Upgrading the security of your property to an automatic gate offers the option of integrating your current design themes to produce a unique security solution.

Increases The Value of Your Property

The value of your property may fluctuate as you make improvements. So whether you are protecting a business or home, an automatic security gate will add value to the property through increasing its curb appeal. Automatic gates also offer an added layer of protection against unwanted guests and intruders, to ensure that your property stays safe at all times. If in the future you plan to sell your business or home, having an automatic gate will help to attract interest property buyers.

Fully Customizable

Automatic gates, when compared with manual gates and traditional fences, can be customized in order to meet your guests and property's needs. Would you like your gate to recede into the perimeter, lift up or swing open? Would you like to have remote operation or password-protected access? The choice is yours with automatic gates. Given that automatic gates are fully customizable, you can choose the ideal solution for you.

Protects All Types Of Properties

Automatic gates are a very versatile type of security solution. They are ideal for commercial properties or homes, and are a reliable barrier that can deter unwelcome guests from accessing your property. Based on where your property is located, automatic gates offer more than just property protection - they also deter unwanted guests such as stray animals and solicitors. Whether you are protecting a multi-million dollar business, your home or love ones, automatic gates help to ensure that any property is secure.

Multiple Options

Business owners and homeowners are provided with multiple material options by traditional fences. Many people mistakenly believe that automatic gates are lacking in design options. However, nothing could be further from the truth! Before having an automatic gate installed, a property owner can decide how intricate or basic they would like their gate to be.

An automatic gates that has an ornamental design might be appropriate if your gate will be used to welcome guests onto an impressive residential landscape. If you are protecting a commercial property your automatic gate could include razor wire or barbed wire to deter unwanted guests and criminals from coming onto the property.

Security on Budget

Numerous property owners mistakenly assume that automatic gates are very expensive. However, in reality, having an automatic gate installed on your property offers a great return on investment and allows you to stay within your budget at the same time. Many automatic gates, unlike traditional fences, do not require very much maintenance while at the same time providing you with long-term security. This results in an automatic gate investment stretching much further than a traditional fencing investment.


Most important of all, automatic gates have been designed to offer long-lasting durability. In contrast to some types of traditional fence materials, an automatic gate's structure doesn't break over due to decomposition or weather damage over time. That means you can enjoy all of the benefits of increased property security for many decades without needing to do a lot of ongoing repairs or maintenance.


Automatic gates overall are a great investment in keeping your property secure. With numerous customization options available, in addition to long-lasting durability and aesthetically pleasing designs, automatic gates offer a very versatile security solution for all types of property. When you have an automatic gate installed on your property, you will be well-equipped for protecting your loved ones, business and home from unwanted intruders.

If you want to speak with an experienced professional about your automatic gate needs, just give Washington Fence a call. We are more than happy to talk with you about what your property access needs are and help you find the best automatic gate solution for your situation to provide you with peace of mind and long-term security.

Most people concentrate on decor when thinking about making a house feel like a home. However, flooring also plays a major part in the ambiance, look, and feel of a room. Depending on what type of family you have, your budget, and how much traffic your floor sees will determine what types of flooring are best for your home. Whether you are redecorating your home or choosing the flooring for a new home, these tips can help you pick out a functional flooring that also looks great.

Lifestyle The most important factor to consider when choosing a type of flooring is how your family live and use the room the flooring will be in. If you have heavy traffic from kids or pets, or you are very active, stay away from plush carpet. Areas with heavy traffic need more resilient flooring, like vinyl, wood, or ceramic tile. If you have minimal traffic in your home, and you like having a soft carpet under your feet, carpeting or wood flooring with large area rugs are a great choice. There are also many options for flooring types that fall between resilient flooring and carpet. Where these materials will be placed will also play a role in your choice.

Location Flooring located in your foyer or entry should not be stylish and noticeable, but should also be durable enough to handle the elements. If your entryway sees a lot of rain, mud, or snow, you should pick a more durable flooring like tile, wood, or slate. You should also place an entry mat just outside the door so that you and your guests can remove excess moisture before you enter the home. This will not only help your floor last longer, it keeps your floors cleaner as well! Flooring for bedrooms or children's playrooms should be comfortable to walk on with bare feet. Flooring used in bathrooms, laundry and utility rooms need to be water resistant. Dublin flooring store store Conklin Bros advise that you avoid using laminate or hardwood flooring in areas that see a lot of moisture, as they can warp and become damaged.

Cost Flooring is usually marked as a price per square foot. This can quickly add up. Flooring materials come with a quality "grade." Carpet made of synthetic materials is more affordable than Berber, which contains both small and large tufts of pile. The more plush or durable a flooring is, the more you can expect to pay for it. When picking out a carpet, don't forget that you will need to also purchase a carpet pad to place beneath it. This pad makes stepping on the carpet more comfortable and helps the carpet to last longer. Slate, marble, and ceramic tile are more expensive to buy than carpet. Tile is easy to maintain and lasts a long time unless it gets cracked. Laminate and wood flooring has dropped in price in recent years as new products enter an already flooded market.

Eco-Friendly Are you looking for a flooring type that looks great but is also good for the environment? Some great flooring choices include bamboo wood, cork, and recycled glass tile. Each is quite unique. Cork flooring absorbs sound well, but don't use it if you wear high heels often. Is your home industrial or a loft style? You can also go with simple exposed or stained concrete as an environmentally friendly choice.

There are some things that will never go out of style: the colour black, neutral palettes, rustic wood, light spacious rooms - and although their formation and style can differ slightly, they are generally our basic building foundations for interior design. But as seasons come and go, the trends change to fit in with our cultural and social movements - inevitably altering our tastes and choices when it comes to decorating to our aesthetic preferences. So here is a little peep at some of the trends you’ll be expecting to see during the coming autumn months…

  1. Fifty Shades of…

You guessed it! Grey is the colour of the season for your interior - and it’s coming in all waves of shades; soft, textured, dark, light, metallic… They are the colours of our soon-to-be winter mornings. Consider layering smoky hues with nearly-black accents to create definition in a room - this palette works especially well in a living or lounge area where you want to create comfort with textured pillows and throws. Add an air of affluence with silver decorative ornaments such as candles, trays, photo frames, mirrors, coasters and table runners.

  1. Midnight Blues

If you’re more interested in creating an artsy-looking, affluent interior space, then opt for this season’s statement shade of midnight blue. Use it sparingly in your accessories; pillows, soft furnishings, decorative ornaments etc. or go for the full ‘wow’ factor and use it on your walls! Midnight blue looks spectacular with metallic accessories, particularly gold, to create a celestial or art-deco aesthetic.

  1. Knitted Soft Furnishings

If you’re a wiz with a knitting needle, now is your time to shine! Knits are not only good for throwing on your back to keep you warm and comfy, but they make beautifully cosy furnishings for in your home. Ideal for the lounge area or bedroom, thick cable-knitted pillows covers and blankets in neutral shades keep your environment looking homely and fresh. A perfect setting for this lovely trend would be covering rustic bed frames in layers of blush pink and cream cable knit blankets - imagine coming home from work and diving into that!

  1. Folk

Folk prints have been plentiful over our festival season, but the colourful floral patterns and embroidery is here to stay through out our winter - but this time with more of a Nordic influence. Sat upon black and navy backdrops rather than whites and creams, the large folk print takes on darker shades for our winter party season. Though there’s nothing wrong with keeping the blue and white folk prints flowing through your home to lighten it up a bit! After all, we’re still in September so there’s no rush to be dulling your rooms just yet.

  1. Handmade

Self taught DIY is still a massive thing for home interiors - if you have a skill set whether it be carpentry, stitching, painting or if you just have a knack for anything creative, then have a go at doing it yourself! The internet is swarming with tutorials and guides on how to do things simply and in the most cost effective way - so it’s ideal if you’re on a tight budget! Why not give these things a whirl: curtain drapes, cushions, hand painted drawers, wall displays and wooden photo frames, handmade tables and even sewing your own bedding!