enter image description hereYou have found the property of your dreams in South Kensington but don’t know how to organise the removals process? Moving house is a time-consuming and stressful job that requires planning and preparation. From packing to informing institutions for your change of address, you will have many to things to consider. You will have a hard time completing every task of the process and you may forget to do something or to take certain aspects of your move into account. That is why we have created this 8-step guide to efficient and successful house removals.

  1. Research

If you have never relocated before you should get familiar with the process and find out what it entails. Research is the key to efficient removals. You need to research the place you are moving to and learn more about its history, cultural events, etc. It is advisable to meet your new neighbours in South Kensington and inform them of the date of your domestic removal. Decide whether you will use a professional man and van service or you will carry out the home removal on your own.

  1. Declutter your home

Before booking with a man with a van company you should get rid of the clutter and reduce the amount of things you will transport to your new home. Sort your belongings and separate the items you will dispose of. It is advisable to recycle the rubbish and reduce your carbon footprint. If the items are not reusable, you should send them for recycling. If your possessions are in good condition and still reusable you can donate them to the people in need. You can make some cash by selling some of the items you no longer need that still have value. Reducing the load means cheaper man and van services in South Kensington.

  1. Make a moving checklist

After you have gotten rid of your unwanted items it is time to create a moving checklist. Make a detailed plan for your move and make a schedule for all the man with a van tasks they need to complete. Find sample moving checklists on the Internet and customise a checklist to meet your specific requirements.

  1. Hire a man and van service

The next step is to choose a man with a van company. Call a few local companies and get quotes. Compare the prices of man with a van firms and the services that different companies can offer. Ask the companies about the things you need to know: insurance, experience, packing services, etc. If you want to get a smooth and hassle-free transition you should take advantage of their packing service. This will cost you more money but you will save yourself time and money. If you decide to pack yourself you need to collect the necessary packing materials and removal boxes.

  1. Get removal boxes and packing materials If you want to lower the man and van cost you should get used removal boxes that are sturdy and in good condition. Visit local supermarkets and grocery stores and ask them if they can provide you with cardboard boxes. There are many websites and forums where you can find used packing materials as many people who have moved recently look for a way to get rid of them quickly and efficiently.

  2. Start packing

Start the packing process at least a month prior to moving day. Packing your house requires time and a lot of effort so you need to give yourself plenty of time to complete the job. Start with the items you won’t need in the next few weeks. Prepare a survival kit and a box of essential items. This box should be the last to pack and the first to unpack in your new home. It should contain items such as bed linen, toiletries, a pair of shoes, clothes and cleaning supplies. These are the items you will need on the first days in your new abode.

  1. Take care of your plants, pets and small children

Keep in mind that most of the man with a van companies will refuse to transport your plants and pets for safety reasons. You need to find proper means of transportation for them or ask your friends in South Kensington to help you relocate them. If you have little children you should find someone to look after them on moving day.

  1. Clean your house before moving out

After everything is set and ready to go, you need to clean your home. Hire an end of tenancy cleaning service and get your deposit back. Now you are ready to settle in your new home in South Kensington.

Follow this guide and you are guaranteed a problem-free and efficient house removal.


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Your home is your sanctuary and the place where you should always be able to relax after a tiring day at work. Natural wood accents and relaxing textures inspired from the natural world have been proven as some of the most calming and aesthetically pleasing interior decoration elements one can choose.

As such, it makes sense to decorate your home using not only the latest and most fashionable designs, but also making sure your approach is one that aims to help you relax and enjoy every moment spent in your house or apartment.

A Calmer Home Environment

The retro aspect and natural look of whiskey barrel furniture is known to ensure the best approach to making your home look and feel more harmonious. Barrel furniture collections such as the one featured at Hungarian Workshop allows for a great amount of freedom in coloring your home with the most beautiful tones of color and shapes reminiscent of a picturesque countryside scene.

Wood tones not only have a way of relaxing us and make us feel like we are in a truly familiar and enjoyable setting, but furniture made from wooden barrels can even confer a cozier and reassuring feel.

When you go home and relax on a fine old style couch, and set your beer down on a wine barrel coffee table, the immediate feeling you get is one of instant relaxation, almost as if you were on vacation. Moreover, end tables, small chairs, coffee tables, decoration items, pub tables and rockers made from wooden wine or whiskey barrels can be adapted to your own personal style, and they offer an artistic look that can be made to blend in with almost any type of interior décor – from traditional to retro futuristic looks.

Why Should You Choose Whiskey Barrel Furniture?

As soon as you buy them and set them in place, you’ll find that most types of wine and whiskey barrel furniture are not only functional and beautiful, but also relaxing. Depending on your style and preference, they can even be fun, since you can use them without much hassle and put your creative thinking to the task to come up with new, inventive ways of arranging them around the house.

Whiskey barrel chairs, tables and rockers, like those produced by The Hungarian Workshop, can fit perfectly well on the patio, in your living room, in a study filled with wooden desks and shelves, or even in a retro-style bedroom. Their elegant design and shapes are not only considered fashionable these days – so your friends and family will definitely be impressed whenever they come to visit – but they can easily become your favorite furniture items due to their enjoyable and relaxing overall feel. Barrel-inspired curved shapes and natural wooden tones are also ideal for adding a more imposing look to your home. Visitors will be impressed by the solid, yet artistic interior décor. Also, the subtly varying colors and the lightweight, resilient craftsmanship of your whiskey and wine barrel items will make them easy to move and adapt to any area of your home, whenever you feel like redecorating.

When you use just a little effort and some common sense, you can prevent your property's sewer system from failing. You want to do whatever you can to avoid raw sewage backing up into your home. That can be a very costly repair job.

That fact alone is enough to get people's attention. Here are 10 tips from Custom Septic to help maintain the health of your septic system. Just a little regular maintenance and some minor repairs will add up to huge savings in the near future.

Check the Septic System Out At least once every three years, if not once each year, hire a licensed contractor to do an inspection of your home's septic system. This will help determine when your tank needs to be pumped or cleaned.

Septic Tank Pumping Tip Get a contract with a sewage plumbing company for sewer repair to get the tank pumped out whenever this is needed.

Toilet Do's and Don'ts Know what can and cannot be flushed. This is a simple rule but make sure your family knows it by heart. The only things that go down the toilet are pee, poop, paper and water.

Spread Laundry Days Out- Do a few loads during the week to avoid overloading your septic tank and the drain field with lots of water.

Use a Washing Machine Lint Filter Attach it to the outlet hose so nothing gets in the septic system.

Don't Use Bacteria Killers Cleaning products with anti-bacterials can disrupt the treatment process in the septic tank.

Hazardous Chemicals Care Never pour these or any grease or cooking or auto oil down the toilet. This includes solvents and paints.

Garbage Disposal Use Only use it when needed to limit food waste from building up in the tank.

Keep the Septic Tank Free Do not put any heavy objects on top of the tank or the leach or drain field. Don't park over it or drive over it or any septic system component.

Avoid Trees and Plants At least around or on top of the septic soil treatment area.