We sell concrete in many different sizes such as by bag and pallet. Bagged concrete typically weighs 90 LBS. It is mixed in wheelbarrows in a 3:2:1 ratio (three parts aggregate, 2 parts sand, 1 part cement). This photo is from a hot summer July day in 2013 when a customer ordered an entire truckload to create a pool foundation. 

NMD 80 is a powerful acid-based cleaner capable of removing the strongest concrete grime and dirt from tools.  Make sure to use a degreaser like pavercleen to neutralize this product.

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NMD 80 acid cleaner

We visited the World of Concrete in Las Vegas this year. Here are a few clips from the show.

Materials Scientists Make Martian Concrete

Today NPR had an interesting interview about making concrete on MARS. In short the one third gravity allows for Martian concrete to be as strong as concrete used to create skyscrapers on earth.

Sulfur is used as a binding element, which is not ideal but will allow for the first habitats to be created.

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