Summer time is here which means the house will be opened up to more foot traffic. This will contribute to the amount of dirt and grime getting tracked into the house from outside that will settle into the carpets. Also, increased foot traffic will cause more wear on a carpet regardless of the amount of dirt that is tracked inside. However, there are some simple tips to follow to try to minimize the damage to your carpets throughout the summer months.

The most basic tip to follow to keep carpets clean is removing shoes before walking into the house. Shoes are the most common source for tracked in dirt and mud and they can also wear down a carpet the way excessive foot traffic can wear down patches of grass. Removing shoes before coming inside every time can get obnoxious, but it will help keep carpets clean and extend their lifespan. With all the in and out traffic that a home experiences in the summer, enforcing a “no shoes” household can be rather difficult. Fortunately there are other ways to protect a carpet without having to strictly enforce a “no shoes” rule.

If you have pets in your home, always make sure that you remove the pet hair, and the smells that your loved pets leave behind, as the summer heat can make the smell worse. This site is a great resource if you are looking for more tips on how to select the best carpet shampooers for pets, which is the most efficient way to keep clean after your dogs or cats.

Putting down mats and runners over high traffic areas is another way to protect your carpets. Putting doormats at every entrance of the house helps protect a carpet by encouraging guests to remove their shoes. The presence of a doormat not only acts as a reminder to take your shoes off, but also allows guests to at least wipe them on the mat before entering the house. Runners can act as carpet protectors as well. They can be placed right over the carpet to protect it from the effects of moisture and high foot traffic by providing a buffer between feet and the carpet. Putting runners over carpets in food areas is also a good idea to help protect the carpet from food stains.

While protecting the carpet can help avoid some dirt and stains, enough of the carpet will still be exposed to collect dirt and debris. If the dirt is not removed, it can quickly wear a carpet down and get mashed into the fibers. Vacuuming regularly is the best way to remove dirt and dust before it gets mashed deeper into the fibers where it is more difficult to be cleaned. Another helpful vacuuming tip is to spread some baking soda over the carpet before vacuuming. Baking soda absorbs the odors from the carpet and can easily be vacuumed. It is easy to overlook the importance of vacuuming but vacuuming once a week can help keep carpets cleaner and in turn, extend the life of the carpet.


When it comes to air conditioning there is no denying that Panasonic know what they are doing. Along with their competitors, Panasonic and their team of designers and engineers strive to break through the breaches of innovation and claw their way to achieving the ultimate goal – to create the most efficient air conditioning unit available on the market.

From years of battling through, we can finally say that Panasonic have gone one step further than their competitors with their latest innovation of 2016 – the all new Commercial Air Conditioning unit range designed specifically for office space. We have sat on the bleachers of this on-going battle between the world’s leaders in technological innovation, patiently waiting and keeping score of what each electronical technician can surprise us with next.

ac-panasonicThe industry of air conditioning units receives a lot of back lash from environmentalists for being energy wasters, an inefficient source of electricity and a factor in causing global warming however, tech leaders such as Panasonic, LG and Daikin strive to create air conditioning units out of the latest technologies to fight this conspiracy.

Set to be the world most efficient air conditioning unit to date that reduces energy costs, Panasonic have dished out a true winner with their latest range of commercial air conditioners that will be sure to get you through the blisteringly hot summer that is hopefully coming our way!

Energy Saving

The use of energy saving designs for the structure of fans, fan motors, compressors and heat exchanges has resulted in a high COP value, ranked as one of the top classed in the industry. In addition, use of highly efficient R410A refrigerant reduces CO2 emission and lowers operating costs.

Perfect for Server Rooms

Keeping at an appropriate temperature no matter the circumstances, Panasonic have specifically designed their newest range of commercial air conditioners so that they will be perfect in keeping a server room at one temperature that does not fluctuate even when outdoor temperature comes in.

More Compact

The new slim line, lightweight design ensures that the stereotype of big clunky air conditioning units is broken so that your air conditioning unit will fade into the background and blend in with all the other furniture and equipment in your office. There is nothing worse than the sight of a big clunky machine staring at you in the face when you are trying to work but with Panasonic’s new commercial air conditioning range, you will be guaranteed to not even notice that there is an air conditioner in the room!

New Remote

Although it doesn’t seem like much of a great new feature, you will actually be surprised at how seamless it will be to use the newer range of commercial air conditioners with this new remote. With a cleaner design, easier functionality and controls and lower energy consumption this remote is completely different to what we have seen before.

Quiet mode

Apart from being big and clunky, another annoying stereotype of air conditioning units is that they make a lot of unnecessary noise. Trying to concentrate with a running machine churning in your ear can be nothing worse for efficiency which is why Panasonic have ensured that their new commercial range have a quiet mode so that you can work happily in a quiet and cool room.

A lovely outdoor water fountain can make a great addition to your landscape that not only transforms the look and feel, but also boosts the value of your home. There are a lot of people who will pay a great deal of money to have a nice water feature around their home. If you are looking to have a pond or a similar water feature, you should also think about investing in a nice water fountain that you can add to it. This article dives a bit deeper into some of the many advantages that come from having a nice outdoor fountain for a body of water that is already on your land.

Stagnant Water

Any sort of pond or lake on your property that does not have the right filtration or movement can become what is known as stagnant. There can be a lot of issues with stagnant water, to include the growth of microorganisms that can fester and cause harm to others. This is also an issue that will cause a lot of animals and insects to gather around your property that you may not want.

A quality outdoor water fountain can be a great addition to your lake or pond because it will eliminate the problem of standing water. While cycling through, the water will not become stagnant and it will remain full of life.

Eliminate Bugs

Insects simply love water. This means that you will end up with much more than flies and gnats and you could develop an issue with a variety of dangerous insects like bees when you have stagnant water. These are insects that drink from the lake and will feed off other growing organisms. Running water will help you to have less insects as the water is always churning. This makes it harder for the bugs to be able to thrive in the area.

Adding Value

According to Outdoor Fountain Pros the right outdoor fountain will be a nice way to bring a lot more value to your home and your landscape. This is going to be much more than a focal point, as a fountain is a great feature that has more than one benefit that comes along with the installation. Depending on the type of water feature that you end up going with, you may find that there will be little or no maintenance involved and your water will be fresher and clearer than it would without the fountain.

Relax In Your Own Oasis

No matter what, everyone wants to have their own garden space or exterior area where they can go to relax and get away from the daily stresses of life. Your new outdoor water fountain can be the perfect way to give your property the extra bit of calm and serenity that you have been looking for while also breathing life into the already beautiful outdoor spac

Want to get your house sold, then follow these ten tips to do so.

Improve it.

As you can only make a “first impression” only once, you have to make sure your house looks as appealing as possible. Since potential buyers are going to form an impression within the first minute, your front entrance should look neat and clean. Plant some flowers, mow the lawn, repaint the fence and the door, remove all clutter and move your old car somewhere else.

Tidy it up.

You house should be sparkling clean when visitors arrive. You have to do a thorough cleaning before putting it up on the market. Moreover, you have to make sure you perform regular maintenance cleaning, so it’s probably best to hire a cleaning company to come by weekly. In addition, clean your windows on both sides, as they are among the first things potential buyers notice.

Repair everything.

Fix all minor dents, cracks and other similar problems before your visitors have a chance to step inside. If I were looking to sell my house quickly this is what I would do.

Get rid of all clutter.

As hard as it may be, you have to eliminate your clutter, as it’s never going to help you sell your property. A cluttered house is going to look uglier and smaller than it really is. You have probably noticed all high class stores have plenty of space and a clutter-free look, while ordinary shops pile up merchandise like crazy. Even ancient Chinese have made clutter elimination a central principle of their Feng Shui practice.

Make it look neutral.

It’s a well known fact that neutral colors attract more buyers. You have to make your home look neutral, thus offering potential buyers a chance to imagine themselves living in that space. If you use bright and vivid colors, you may find people who love the style, but most of them are going to shy away. Neutral, high-quality interiors are the ones that sell best.


Remove all your personal items from the living space, as you don’t want to turn off your potential buyers. The process of buying a house is mainly emotional, so you want people to depict themselves inside the house, rather than seeing your personal belongings and memories all over the place.

Beware of pets.

You may love your pets, but you don’t know what other people think about them, so you may want to confine them to an area out of the sight of your visitors. Moreover, you have to make sure there are no funny odors or stains inside your house, so clean everything very well before opening your door to potential buyers.

Define your areas.

You have to make viewers understand from a glance what is the purpose of each area inside the house. This is going to help them figure out where they are going to place their personal belongings and their furniture.

Have adequate lighting.

Each room should have lighting that’s adequate to its purpose. Have bright lights in the kitchen area, but use a subtle mood lighting in the living room and in the bedrooms. Make sure all bulbs work.

Use accessories.

Accessories are excellent for enhancing your rooms, as they can help create a harmonious feeling. Mirrors, plants and freshly cut flowers can add life to rooms and make viewers fall in love with the house.

Urban living does come with a number of amenities and advantages, but unfortunately, outdoor space comes at a premium. For those of us that are blessed with any type of an outdoor living space, it’s important to make the most of it and create an area that allows for optimal relaxation.


  1. Before you go out and purchase accessories for your outdoor space, consider what you want to use the space for. You can turn it into an outdoor relaxation room, an entertainment space or even a fun room for your kids. Knowing how you wish to use your space allows you to find accessories that are both stylish and functional. Take into consideration whether you’ll need privacy or shade from the sun, and select plants accordingly.
  1. When re-imagining your outdoor space, make sure to de-clutter the area. Get rid of furniture you don’t use or plants that aren’t thriving in the environment. Since space is at a premium, only leave accessories that reflect your personal needs and contribute to the outdoor room’s functionality.
  1. Paving is a great way to transform a small backyard into a secret retreat. Of course, it’s advisable to be careful when designing your paving. Make sure to stay away from overwhelming geometric patterns as that can make the space feel cramped and small.
  1. Make the most of your apartment balcony by displaying colorful potted plants. Use hanging baskets or wall pots as they require minimal space and can easily brighten up the area. For additional fun, add shelving to your outdoor wall and place potted plants on that too.
  1. Want to get a bit more personal and add a touch of rustic? Old bamboo placed inside of a large glazed pot or vase is the perfect way to add personality to the outdoor room without sacrificing space. Rustic furniture also gives a nice touch – check this out for ideas.
  1. You know that an indoor fireplace is a blessing on those cold winter nights and it provides the perfect ambiance for group gatherings. Fireplaces aren’t just for the indoors, and if you have enough room, an outdoor fireplace is a wonderful addition to your space. Of course, if you don’t have the budget or space for a permanent fireplace, try installing a fire pit– just keep in mind fire safety codes when using!

Buying the right worktop for your kitchen can really set it off and there are a number of things you need to know before purchasing one. We’ve compiled this list to give you a better idea.


All work surfaces need to be templated, no matter what material you decide to use. That is where the material gets cut-out for sinks and hobs, cut to size for fitting under the cabinets, and any extra lengths used for an overhang or breakfast bar. Some of the material can be cut at the site. That way your worktops can be fitted right away. However, others will have to templated and then cut in the factory. This can take as long as three weeks once the furniture is installed. It is very important that this be kept in mind when you are planning how your new kitchen will be used. So don’t throw your camping stove away yet.


Granite worktops are very popular, given that they are both durable and strong. It is an excellent choice for avid cooks, since its cold surface is ideal for making pastry. Each granite slab is unique, since it is natural stone. Therefore you can expect different color and veining from the samples that you view. You also need to take very good care of them, since they can easily stain and scratch. You need to ensure that you utilize chopping boards for preparation and trivets for hot pans. Also be sure to check that it’s pre-sealed prior to installation.


There are four material choices for marble worktops and are perfect to add a natural and beautiful appearance for your kitchen. You need to take careful care of your special marble worktop, so speak with your Second Natural specialist to get more information on the way you need to take care of it.


There also a number of edge profiles available for quartz worktops. There are some important benefits offered by this man-made granite option, like greater color consistency. For example, silestone quartz is available in more than 60 colors, and also has the additional benefit of having built-in antibacterial protection. Quartz is highly scratch resistant and stain resistant also. However, like all worktops, you need to take plenty of care and use trivets and chopping boards at all times.   Take a look at these cheap kitchen worktops from HC Supplies.

Hi-Macs and Corian

Hi-Macs and Corian are solid surface materials that are ideal for creating flowing lines, curves and fluid shapes. Since they are man-made, the patterns and colors are consistent and have invisible joins, which provides a seamless finish that can paired with matching integrated sinks that create an impression that is a single piece. That also makes it very hygienic as well, since there aren’t any joins or gaps for bacteria or dirt to hide in. The most recent flush-fit hobs are ideal as well for hassle-free surfaces.


For character and natural warm, a solid wood worktop is ideal for both contemporary and classic kitchen. For a modern look and feel, look to Iroko and wenge, while for a more traditional style go for beech, maple or oak.

Since wood is a natural material, every piece will vary in terms of tone and grain and a wood worktop develops its own character and patina with use. More high maintenance is required by wood compared to other material, since it requires oiling on a regular basis (every three months at least), however the results are definitely well worth it.

Current Trends

One of the most increasingly popular material is quartz. With its neutral tone focus, it provides an understated look that will sit along ideally with a range of contemporary furniture, from natural timbers to high gloss finishes. White quartz is popular at all times, and offers a crisp, clean look that is ideal for high gloss, contemporary handleless kitchens.

Getting your garden space ready for the summer needs to start now if you want a lush outdoor space. There are a number of things you can do now – so let’s take a look.

  1. Order Your Summer Flowering Seeds and Bulbs

On a wet and windy day, you can order all of your summer flowering bulbs to include Ranunculus, Gladiolus and Lilies. All of these can be planted early on in spring to come up for a colorful display in summer. Simply look through the catalog or website and you will be able to find wonderful new varieties of bulbs and seeds that can be planted to grow this year. For further information on planting your bulbs, read through this How To Plant Bulbs article.

  1. Clearing Your Flower Beds And Borders

A general tidying up will help to remove debris and leaves from the flower borders, ponds and lawn. You can cut back the dead and old growth of deciduous grass and your herbaceous perennials. However, if you want to be wildlife friendly, you can wait until early spring. When the soil is workable, you can dig about a 5cm layer of quality organic matter like compost, well-rotted manure, or recycled green waste into your empty garden borders.

  1. Clean Up The Greenhouse

Before spring arrives, it is going to be best that you wash your greenhouse. Before too long, the greenhouse will be full of cuttings and seedlings in trays, so sweep out any of the plant debris on the benches and floor and make sure that you disinfect the area with a good garden disinfectant like Jeyes Fluid. Take the time to disinfect the inside portion of the glass as well, as overwintering pests and even disease can live on in the smallest of nooks and crannies. While you are in there, you can wash the seed trays and pots to help cut back on diseases by damping off your young plants. Make sure that your greenhouse is also well ventilated over the next few days so it can dry thoroughly.

  1. Sow Any Seeds That Need A Longer Season

During January and February, you can sow the seeds of any plants that have to have a longer growing season, such as Begonias, Peppers, Antirrhinums, Geraniums and Aubergines. They will have to be grown inside a heated propagator or something similar to make sure that there is good growth. To find more seeds that you can sow in January and February, you can look at our Garden This Month page. There is helpful advice on how you can sow seeds within our handy seed-sowing guide as well.

  1. Hunt Those Garden Pests Soon

Looking for and getting rid of hibernating pests early can save you a whole lot of time and trouble when spring and summer roll around. Take a peek at the crows of all of your perennial plants and you may find snails, slugs and aphids brewing. If you have not cleared out the pots from last summer, you may want to do this now and look for white vine weevil larvae that tend to roost by the roots and compost. Make sure that you destroy what you find and then prepare to treat your plants with either chemical drenches or parasitic nematodes.

  1. Consider Wall Water Fountains

Water fountains can be a great addition to the home, both indoors and outdoors. They have a number of great benefits, aside from just being aesthetically pleasing and can really add to a space. Wall water fountains improve the air in a room, make a relaxing sound and can alter the home, making it a lot more relaxed.

It is a usual experience to be overwhelmed when hiring a removalists. Whether you are moving due to personal or business decision, an ounce of preparation will surely make a difference. To keep everything in order, here are the do’s and don’ts of hiring cheap removalists in Sydney.


Make a research. When you hire a moving service provider, it means knowing them inside and out prior to hiring them. Do a little legwork when it comes to understanding the basic facts about them. Say for instance, you have to know where their office is based, the services they offer and the skills of their movers.woman-thinking

Know the distance they travel. Are you moving from any point in Sydney to Melbourne? If so, it is best to look for a Melbourne specialty mover who would be glad to meet your particular demands and requirements. Do keep in mind that movers are traveling long drives so moving trucks should never put your safety at risk.

Make sure that your truck items are insured. Once your items are loaded into the moving truck, the professional movers will should assume the responsibility whatever will happen. Hence, always make sure that your items are thoroughly insured in accordance to the distance they travel. Ultimately, this tip is for your safety and peace of mind.

Ask for referrals. You can ask your one of your friends or family members about a reputed mover in your area. You might solicit a good feedback from them. This is also a great way to look for trusted high-end services such as artificial lawns in Sydney. Asking for referrals is a reliable step when hiring a moving company.


Do not hire a mover that require full payment beforehand. Does your prospective company require the full payment on the onset? If so, you need to walk away. Bear in mind that payments should only be made when the boxes are already unloaded and delivered to your new residence. Simply put, you only have to settle your payments when the service is already completed as agreed.

moving-couchDo not sign the dotted lines when some items are missing. In case of missing items, it’s a mistake to sign any document stating that the company has accomplished their job in accordance with the agreement. It’s best to settle full payments only when the service is completed. This is the reason why it is important to keep your communication lines with your prospective moving company open. By doing so, you can streamline the stress and expenses.

Don’t go by what is in the website. Just because the website tells a lot of good things about the company does not necessarily mean that you get hooked instantly. Before you say yes, you need to verify the claims through client references. You can talk with customers who have actually hired their services. This way, you would be able to come up with a realistic idea about the company.

There you have it- the do’s and don’ts of hiring a moving company. Do take note that not all companies are worth of your time and money. It is essential to do your part so you won’t be sorry in the end. Follow the tips stated above and you will surely end up to the right choice of removalists.



Today, our lives are busier than ever before. Spending more time in the office and on the road, we’re rarely home to enjoy our lives. Life has become so fast paced that we rarely know whether we’re coming or going. For most of us, this has become so commonplace that we don’t really think about stopping to smell the roses. Our homes are chaotic and disorganized and so full of discord that we don’t know how to relax. Here are a few easy to follow steps that can help us to make home more relaxing and harmonious at the end of a frenzied workday.

Let’s start by setting the tone for a relaxed and calm home that we’ll want to come home to.

Flowers are an ideal beginning. They are soothing and pretty and smell wonderful.

White candles will lend an air of beauty and relaxation to our homes as well. Avoid those that are overly fragrant and instead focus on natural scents such as clean or linen and try to alternate sizes for a visual appeal.

Lighting is a great thing to focus on as well. All natural sunlight is a wonderful addition to any home. Focus on a room’s natural lighting and try to use shades and curtains to enhance the room, not darken it. Even without the sun being out, windows that have the blinds open allow for more natural lighting.

Paint is another way to brighten up your home and allow for a brighter and more relaxed look. Seek quiet tranquil colors such as greens, blues, and greys. Whites and beiges will also help to balance out colors and brighten the home. Keep it neutral looking and use furnishings and fabrics to bring more colors into the room. Bright colors are energizing and when you’re trying to relax they can be overwhelming. Choose shades that are soothing and relaxing to the eye.

Clutter is another reason that many homes aren’t restful. It’s distracting and should be avoided. If you must have “collections” keep it to a minimum and try to make an arrangement that is soothing and appealing to the eye. Think family photos, fresh cut flowers, and plants to brighten up a dark corner.

Your outdoors can be a very relaxing place if you have one. Whether large or small, the outdoor area can be ideal for people looking to add to their relaxing space. Good additions are greenery, minimalist furniture or these outdoor wall fountains at

Books are great as long as they’re not work related. Relaxing coffee table type books are fun to browse through while relaxing.

Grab a few throws and toss them about as well. They invite relaxation and comfort as well as a few throw pillows.

Hardwood flooring with soft area rugs can tie the room together. Allow it to impact the look and enhance it. Layer soft textures to create the ambiance that you’re seeking.

A new patio is a great thing and can really add to the garden and the house as a whole. We’ve compiled a number of tips that will help ensure your patio looks great and is easily installed.

Easy Maintenance, Low Cost

Many materials can be used to create a patio, however it is difficult to come up with one that is better than one made out of pavers when it comes to low maintenance and easy installation. Compared to some of the other options, the initial cost might be higher, however in the long run you will save money and time by not needing to continuously seal or stain it. Repairs are also easier, since you can repair individual ones when needed.

For Best Results, Dig Deep

Call your local utilities prior to preparing your patio area in order to have any electrical, cable or plumbing lines marked. Next, dig beneath the area’s vegetation root level, around six inches. For areas with dry soil, try to water it the night before planning to dig in order to soften and dampen the area to make it easier to dig in.

Keep The Area Free Of Weeds

Landscaping cloth can be used for creating a barrier between the new sand base and old soil. This will help to minimize the weeds as well as other kinds of unwanted vegetation from encroaching on your patio from below it. Tool hire business Best at Hire advise you multiply the width by the length of your patio and then add 10 percent to calculate its square footage.

Create the Base

Use a tamper or wacker plate compactor to pack in the sand and/or paver base. You need to have a smooth, level and solid base to lay the pavers on. Each additional layer or material needs to be repacked.

Drainage Plan

Although having a level patio is important, you do need to ensure that it slopes away from the foundation of your house and towards an area that either has an existing drainage area or can handle additional moisture. For each two feet in distance, plan to have a quarter inch decrease in elevation.

Keep The Edge Tight

To help with minimizing movement effects on your pavers, make sure you plan on having a good solid edge, through the use of either vinyl or metal edging, a solid cement lip or additional pavers. This will help with minimizing creeping weeds in addition to providing added stability.

Make Variations In Color Work To Your Benefit

Your pavers will have slight color variations, just like you would encounter variances in different lots of tile or wood flooring. To avoid having a patchwork appear, you can blend various piles of bricks or stones together in order to create a more natural looking appearance.

For An Ideal Fit, Make Cuts

If you are creating any kind of pattern with the pavers you are using, at some point you are going to need to cut some bricks or stones. A cold chisel can be used to do this, or you can go to a local home center and rent a wet saw.

Pack In Any Cracks

Apply a layer of sand between and over your pavers to set them in place, until all of the cracks have been filled in completely. This will allow for drainage, minimize weeds and help with keeping them in place.

Keep Pavers Handy

Always have a few extra bricks or stones on hand to help make any necessary repairs easier (also, a certain paver could get discontinued at any time). You can remove broken pavers by prying them out using a thin pry bar or a few screwdrivers. If you need to cut a paver in order for it to fit, just make sure it is cut somewhat smaller than the opening’s length so that sand can be repacked around it.