5 Custom Trim Ideas

Crown Trim

A crown trim finishes the area where the wall touches the ceiling. Crown trims are usually some form of a square (as the wall is). This design is very common and has roots back to ancient Greece. They can, though, add a modern touch to the inside of your home. You'll see this kind of trim in bedrooms, living rooms, and dining rooms.

Mid-Wall Trim

Mid-wall trims are not as common as other types of trim, but they can still add pizazz to a room. This trend has a couple of different names, one being "wainscoting" and the other one is "chair rail trimming." This can be a very stylish trend, especially if you incorporate geometric shapes such as hexagons or octagons.

Door Trim

There are two types of door trims: a true door trim, which is a trim that borders around a door, and a doorway trim, a trim which borders around an entryway. Door trims bring character to a room. You'll see door trims on patio doors, shower doors, or garage doors. Doorway trims can be either wide or narrow. When doorway trims are wide, they offer a full preview into the next room, which exposes the layout and gives an illusion of wide, open space.

Floor Trim

You'll find a floor trim where the bottom of the wall meets the floor.Many homes have this detail without giving it any thought. However, just because a room already has one, does not mean you can’t update it. Floor trims stand out when they have painted an accent color, or when they come up higher off the floor. Consult your carpenter to consider different looks that might work for your room. You can have trim consistent throughout the whole home, or choose rooms in which you'd like to add the floor trim to.

Window Trim

Window trims call attention to large windows inside or outside the home. Window trims are not limited to square windows. They can be flattering for Palladian windows, which are half circle windows placed high above doors and on top of square windows. You can choose window trims that are even on all sides or, you can choose trims that are wider at the top or bottom. Some window trims are thick, almost like window sills, while others are thin and neutral-looking.The size of your window trim will depend on your preference and how much room you have around the window. Consult your carpenter for ideas. You can find curtains to match your trims to add extra details.

Trims can take a home from simple to high-end rather easily. What type of trims will you add? The choice is yours.

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