10 Septic System Maintenance Tips to Avoid Costly Repairs

When you use just a little effort and some common sense, you can prevent your property's sewer system from failing. You want to do whatever you can to avoid raw sewage backing up into your home. That can be a very costly repair job.

That fact alone is enough to get people's attention. Here are 10 tips from Custom Septic to help maintain the health of your septic system. Just a little regular maintenance and some minor repairs will add up to huge savings in the near future.

Check the Septic System Out At least once every three years, if not once each year, hire a licensed contractor to do an inspection of your home's septic system. This will help determine when your tank needs to be pumped or cleaned.

Septic Tank Pumping Tip Get a contract with a sewage plumbing company for sewer repair to get the tank pumped out whenever this is needed.

Toilet Do's and Don'ts Know what can and cannot be flushed. This is a simple rule but make sure your family knows it by heart. The only things that go down the toilet are pee, poop, paper and water.

Spread Laundry Days Out- Do a few loads during the week to avoid overloading your septic tank and the drain field with lots of water.

Use a Washing Machine Lint Filter Attach it to the outlet hose so nothing gets in the septic system.

Don't Use Bacteria Killers Cleaning products with anti-bacterials can disrupt the treatment process in the septic tank.

Hazardous Chemicals Care Never pour these or any grease or cooking or auto oil down the toilet. This includes solvents and paints.

Garbage Disposal Use Only use it when needed to limit food waste from building up in the tank.

Keep the Septic Tank Free Do not put any heavy objects on top of the tank or the leach or drain field. Don't park over it or drive over it or any septic system component.

Avoid Trees and Plants At least around or on top of the septic soil treatment area.