The Top 5 Features of Panasonic’s New Commercial Air Conditioning

When it comes to air conditioning there is no denying that Panasonic know what they are doing. Along with their competitors, Panasonic and their team of designers and engineers strive to break through the breaches of innovation and claw their way to achieving the ultimate goal – to create the most efficient air conditioning unit available on the market.

From years of battling through, we can finally say that Panasonic have gone one step further than their competitors with their latest innovation of 2016 – the all new Commercial Air Conditioning unit range designed specifically for office space. We have sat on the bleachers of this on-going battle between the world’s leaders in technological innovation, patiently waiting and keeping score of what each electronical technician can surprise us with next.

ac-panasonicThe industry of air conditioning units receives a lot of back lash from environmentalists for being energy wasters, an inefficient source of electricity and a factor in causing global warming however, tech leaders such as Panasonic, LG and Daikin strive to create air conditioning units out of the latest technologies to fight this conspiracy.

Set to be the world most efficient air conditioning unit to date that reduces energy costs, Panasonic have dished out a true winner with their latest range of commercial air conditioners that will be sure to get you through the blisteringly hot summer that is hopefully coming our way!

Energy Saving

The use of energy saving designs for the structure of fans, fan motors, compressors and heat exchanges has resulted in a high COP value, ranked as one of the top classed in the industry. In addition, use of highly efficient R410A refrigerant reduces CO2 emission and lowers operating costs.

Perfect for Server Rooms

Keeping at an appropriate temperature no matter the circumstances, Panasonic have specifically designed their newest range of commercial air conditioners so that they will be perfect in keeping a server room at one temperature that does not fluctuate even when outdoor temperature comes in.

More Compact

The new slim line, lightweight design ensures that the stereotype of big clunky air conditioning units is broken so that your air conditioning unit will fade into the background and blend in with all the other furniture and equipment in your office. There is nothing worse than the sight of a big clunky machine staring at you in the face when you are trying to work but with Panasonic’s new commercial air conditioning range, you will be guaranteed to not even notice that there is an air conditioner in the room!

New Remote

Although it doesn’t seem like much of a great new feature, you will actually be surprised at how seamless it will be to use the newer range of commercial air conditioners with this new remote. With a cleaner design, easier functionality and controls and lower energy consumption this remote is completely different to what we have seen before.

Quiet mode

Apart from being big and clunky, another annoying stereotype of air conditioning units is that they make a lot of unnecessary noise. Trying to concentrate with a running machine churning in your ear can be nothing worse for efficiency which is why Panasonic have ensured that their new commercial range have a quiet mode so that you can work happily in a quiet and cool room.