Our Quick Kitchen Worktop Guide

Buying the right worktop for your kitchen can really set it off and there are a number of things you need to know before purchasing one. We’ve compiled this list to give you a better idea.


All work surfaces need to be templated, no matter what material you decide to use. That is where the material gets cut-out for sinks and hobs, cut to size for fitting under the cabinets, and any extra lengths used for an overhang or breakfast bar. Some of the material can be cut at the site. That way your worktops can be fitted right away. However, others will have to templated and then cut in the factory. This can take as long as three weeks once the furniture is installed. It is very important that this be kept in mind when you are planning how your new kitchen will be used. So don’t throw your camping stove away yet.


Granite worktops are very popular, given that they are both durable and strong. It is an excellent choice for avid cooks, since its cold surface is ideal for making pastry. Each granite slab is unique, since it is natural stone. Therefore you can expect different color and veining from the samples that you view. You also need to take very good care of them, since they can easily stain and scratch. You need to ensure that you utilize chopping boards for preparation and trivets for hot pans. Also be sure to check that it’s pre-sealed prior to installation.


There are four material choices for marble worktops and are perfect to add a natural and beautiful appearance for your kitchen. You need to take careful care of your special marble worktop, so speak with your Second Natural specialist to get more information on the way you need to take care of it.


There also a number of edge profiles available for quartz worktops. There are some important benefits offered by this man-made granite option, like greater color consistency. For example, silestone quartz is available in more than 60 colors, and also has the additional benefit of having built-in antibacterial protection. Quartz is highly scratch resistant and stain resistant also. However, like all worktops, you need to take plenty of care and use trivets and chopping boards at all times.   Take a look at these cheap kitchen worktops from HC Supplies.

Hi-Macs and Corian

Hi-Macs and Corian are solid surface materials that are ideal for creating flowing lines, curves and fluid shapes. Since they are man-made, the patterns and colors are consistent and have invisible joins, which provides a seamless finish that can paired with matching integrated sinks that create an impression that is a single piece. That also makes it very hygienic as well, since there aren’t any joins or gaps for bacteria or dirt to hide in. The most recent flush-fit hobs are ideal as well for hassle-free surfaces.


For character and natural warm, a solid wood worktop is ideal for both contemporary and classic kitchen. For a modern look and feel, look to Iroko and wenge, while for a more traditional style go for beech, maple or oak.

Since wood is a natural material, every piece will vary in terms of tone and grain and a wood worktop develops its own character and patina with use. More high maintenance is required by wood compared to other material, since it requires oiling on a regular basis (every three months at least), however the results are definitely well worth it.

Current Trends

One of the most increasingly popular material is quartz. With its neutral tone focus, it provides an understated look that will sit along ideally with a range of contemporary furniture, from natural timbers to high gloss finishes. White quartz is popular at all times, and offers a crisp, clean look that is ideal for high gloss, contemporary handleless kitchens.