10 Rules To Follow Before Putting Your House Up For Sale

Want to get your house sold, then follow these ten tips to do so.

Improve it.

As you can only make a “first impression” only once, you have to make sure your house looks as appealing as possible. Since potential buyers are going to form an impression within the first minute, your front entrance should look neat and clean. Plant some flowers, mow the lawn, repaint the fence and the door, remove all clutter and move your old car somewhere else.

Tidy it up.

You house should be sparkling clean when visitors arrive. You have to do a thorough cleaning before putting it up on the market. Moreover, you have to make sure you perform regular maintenance cleaning, so it’s probably best to hire a cleaning company to come by weekly. In addition, clean your windows on both sides, as they are among the first things potential buyers notice.

Repair everything.

Fix all minor dents, cracks and other similar problems before your visitors have a chance to step inside. If I were looking to sell my house quickly this is what I would do.

Get rid of all clutter.

As hard as it may be, you have to eliminate your clutter, as it’s never going to help you sell your property. A cluttered house is going to look uglier and smaller than it really is. You have probably noticed all high class stores have plenty of space and a clutter-free look, while ordinary shops pile up merchandise like crazy. Even ancient Chinese have made clutter elimination a central principle of their Feng Shui practice.

Make it look neutral.

It’s a well known fact that neutral colors attract more buyers. You have to make your home look neutral, thus offering potential buyers a chance to imagine themselves living in that space. If you use bright and vivid colors, you may find people who love the style, but most of them are going to shy away. Neutral, high-quality interiors are the ones that sell best.


Remove all your personal items from the living space, as you don’t want to turn off your potential buyers. The process of buying a house is mainly emotional, so you want people to depict themselves inside the house, rather than seeing your personal belongings and memories all over the place.

Beware of pets.

You may love your pets, but you don’t know what other people think about them, so you may want to confine them to an area out of the sight of your visitors. Moreover, you have to make sure there are no funny odors or stains inside your house, so clean everything very well before opening your door to potential buyers.

Define your areas.

You have to make viewers understand from a glance what is the purpose of each area inside the house. This is going to help them figure out where they are going to place their personal belongings and their furniture.

Have adequate lighting.

Each room should have lighting that’s adequate to its purpose. Have bright lights in the kitchen area, but use a subtle mood lighting in the living room and in the bedrooms. Make sure all bulbs work.

Use accessories.

Accessories are excellent for enhancing your rooms, as they can help create a harmonious feeling. Mirrors, plants and freshly cut flowers can add life to rooms and make viewers fall in love with the house.