Tips to Secure your Property

Follow These Tips and Secure your Property

Homeowners insurance is very expensive. It has been rising at rates of more than 10% every couple of years for the past 10 years. Any ways to make homeowners insurance less expensive is beneficial to homeowners. Preventing burglaries is one main way to prevent huge losses that would require you to make big homeowners insurance claims.

Preventing homeowners insurance claims is always effective in keeping rates low. In addition always shop around for homeowners insurance anytime your policy comes due. What happens is that people who have long stayed with the same ensure end up paying higher rates. When you shop around you are forcing the insurers to offer good new rates to you because they need fresh customers to meet sales numbers.

The best way to prevent intrusion is by installing the most secure locks to your doors and windows. Also, always make sure that you use the locks even on a second-floor window. Burglars will try any way to get into your home. Anything that is an easy access point for them they will use. They are opportunists, and if they see that your home thwarts them, they will seek out easier homes to burglarize.

Starting with the doors, always make sure that you have a cylinder lock installed. A deadbolt is inaccessible without a key. That is the safest type of lock. In addition, install a safety chain. A safety chain goes on the interior of the door. If it is engaged, the safety chain will not allow anyone to open the door fully from the outside. The key to having a successful security chain is that the chain must be short enough so that the door cannot be opened sufficiently. In addition, it must also prevent anyone from slipping their hand in and disengaging the chain from the outside of the door.

Ensure that you also have a peephole installed. This will prevent from allowing potential intruders into your home. Also, make sure that other parts of the door are also intact. The door frame needs to be bolted securely in place to the outside wall. Here are some good tips on installation.

If you have both a screen door and a main entry door, consider having locks on both to prevent entry into your home. Otherwise, you are giving up a great two-layer security system. Why allow potential burglars into your home when they can be prevented from getting into your home?

Sliding patio doors require three locking points to be secured. Also, ensure that you have a security bar in place to prevent the door from being lifted off its track and removed.

Other excellent ways to prevent burglary include such items as having motion-sensor lights on the front, back and the sides of the house suggest Property to Insure. Burglars hate for people to see what they are up to when they are “working”. Lights illuminate exactly what they are trying to do, which is to get into your home. They will run at the first sign of light on them.

Another excellent way to prevent burglary is by purchasing a high-quality door with a glazing that is more secure when it has a grill installed on the interior. Another way to ensure security is by having security film on the back of the glass. What that means is if someone tries to smash in the glass on your door, d security film will prevent it from fully breaking.

Along the same idea of illuminating burglars as the attempt to break into your home and also want to cut back shrubbery. Trimming shrubs and trees from around the perimeter of the home eliminate hiding places for a burglar. This may make other homes that have higher shrubs more enticing for them.