Three Popular Air Conditioning Units

We can all agree that air conditioning units have come a long way from what they were when they were first introduced. Air conditioning units have come on leaps and bounds from those horrendously big boxy units that would sit in our windows and boy are we happy to finally say that! So, in homage to our favourite technical units and their utter greatness through the sweltering summers and Antarctic winters, we decided to create an article that shows off some of the best looking air conditioning units on the market to get rid of those awful images of clunky boxy eyesores.

DAIKIN EmuraDaikin air conditioning unit

Let’s kick things off with an air conditioning unit that is exactly what every household needs right now! The Daikin Emura proves that sleek and intelligent design is extremely important in the world of air conditioners in the 21st century however, they can’t just look the part. Daikin’s newest innovation delivers superior energy efficiency in climate control to reduce energy waste. It ensures the indoor environment is always pure and clean and its air to air heat pumps extract 80% of their output energy by transferring heat from the recycled air around us.

With the highest possible energy label of A*** and whisper quiet sound levels, there is no denying that Daikin have really outdone themselves with this air conditioning unit that not only looks great on the outside but is even better on the inside.

Mitsubishi air conditioning unit

MITSUBISHI Kirigamine Zen

We are big fans of Mitsubishi’s air conditioning units as they are one of the very few providers out there who are able to hit the nail right on the head with their cooling systems. Their newest innovation to the world of air conditioners has had us giddy with excitement. Designed especially to complement modern architecture and interior, Mitsubishi’s latest air conditioning system aims to bring natural harmony to homes. Taking a minimalistic approach, this elegant air conditioning system will blend right in with all other technological items within your home.

This air conditioning unit is available in three sleek colours – black, white and silver. Each unit comes in a shimmering matt finish to create a tranquil environment and with its air filtering technology clean and fresh air is always guaranteed.

Panasonic Etherea

Panasonic air conditioning unitThe all new Panasonic Etherea is truly a work of air conditioning art. With its stunning and sleek design you wouldn’t even notice that there is an air conditioning unit in the room! Not only is this air conditioning unit great on the eye but, beneath its technological surface there are some amazing and innovative features that make it a must have air conditioning unit for 2016.

This innovative air conditioning unit showcases the latest technology of Panasonic’s Eco Clean Life Innovation with sensors to reduce energy waste and anti-allergy Nanoe-G that is tested by the UK Allergy Association for a cleaner living environment