5 tips for giving your home a more rustic feel

The rustic look is one of the classic design statements which can make your home stand out, and it is surprisingly easy to do. With just a little bit of decoration, a few pieces of Log furniture and some subtle design features, you can create this rustic look in your home. Once you understand the basic principles of the rustic look, you can find many fantastic ways to create a rustic style for your home.

Go for wood

One of the most important elements of any rustic home design is wooden furniture. No home would look rustic if it didn’t have strong rustic log furniture, including pieces which look as though they have been weathered or well loved before being placed in your home. If you can find an old dining table or a similar conversation piece, then this could form the basis of your rustic design and will help you to carry the theme onto other parts of your home.

Rummage through antique shops

The key to a rustic theme is to have aged pieces of furniture and decoration. When you are creating a rustic design, old stuff is the best. You can transform older pieces of furniture into useful items for your home, and ensure that you get the great rustic feel you are looking for. Antiques shops and junk shops are the best places to look for this type of furniture, because you can often find unusual and unique items that could not be made to order. You can also try to refinish antique furniture, making it smoother or rougher or darker or lighter, depending upon the needs for your home.

Go with colour

The true rustic feel is based upon the use of natural items, and this can mean that your rustic home can feel rather too brown for your tastes. In order to combat the overwhelming darkness of log furniture and wooden decorations, you need to think about adding colour. Even a small flash of colour in a dark room can really pop out, so you should think about making these items into focus points. Whether you are installing a gold- framed photograph holder, or just using yellow or blue pillows, the eye should be drawn to this feature.

Add fabric

When you are designing your rustic home, you may find that you get a little bit carried away with wooden furniture everywhere. However, the key to a true rustic design is to mix your log furniture with fabrics to soften the tone. Fabrics can also be very useful in transforming what would be an older piece of furniture into something brand-new. Go for understated colours and shades in order to really achieve a rustic look.

Be united

While the rustic style may seem random and disorganised, if you want to have a rustic design to your home, then you need to create a unifying theme which rings all these disparate elements together into something which is unique but internally coherent.