5 Living Room Decoration Tips that will Last

Would you like to know some top easy-to-master decorating tips that can make any room of your house to look better? If you answered 'yes', then you came at the right place.


The following are some of the key decorating points that even a newbie, in the design world, would have an easy time understanding.

Pick your paint colour last

Don’t make a mistake that countless homeowners make – picking a paint colour even before moving in to a new residence. Most of the time I find myself answering calls to new homeowners who want their new house to have the same colour as their old one. I get it. Why not get the new home freshly painted with my favourite paint before moving in? Of course you can opt do it that way, however from my point of view it isn’t ideal.

Out there, there are more than a thousand paint colours with various shades, tones and tints. And all these colours looks slightly different from house to house. Why? The light sources vary from place to place meaning that what is pleasing at your current residence may not be the same in your new one. If you want that colour that suitably complements your rug, artwork, upholstery and so on, then pick the colour only after all your stuff in actually arranged inside your house.

Give your furniture some space

Always resist the urge to overcrowd a room as gracious living means having enough space to manoeuvre with ease. Isn’t that great news to those with tight budgets? It isn’t a must that you fill up all your space with furniture. The main idea here is you spend more budget on fewer though better-quality house pieces, and your room will get a fantastic look unlike when try to stuff every kind of piece available in the market. Even if you have a few high-backed oak chairs, they will stand out as nothing else is there to capture it.

Resist being too theme-y

An example: many people request the Cape Cod look and that a lone make it very common, popular and lack individuality. You simply know everything about its hallmarks including some sailboat paintings, white and blue nautical palette and bead board. Without drawing the obvious clichés, you can make your room to have a coastal vibe using artwork, palette and other materials.

Consider sight lines

Make sure that your focal point is clear and free from room to room so that you can feel like you are being drawn equally by them. Unsurprisingly, that is why the ideal spot for your focal point is the place directly across from your room’s entrance. For example, if you surround your artwork with a seating arrangement, you will be drawing the viewers’ attention into the room as the sight line will be clear.

Vary the scale

Remember that what looks nice in your store might seem like an elephant in your room when you take it home. On the other hand, it may be too small to be of any importance. Thus, always vary proportion and scale. You may have a large space that would be not fit one item properly and you may be required fill it up with two or more items, for example, sand dollars piece and sunburst mirror frame piece.