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7 Steps To Getting Your Garage Organized

Garages can be so messy if you let them go. The sheer amount of things in your home often means the garage is a dumping ground. In addition, add a lack of shelving and organised storage space and you can be in trouble. Here are some tips to get things…

Does Placemaking Influence the Masonry Supply Business?

Introducing the Topic What thoughts and considerations go into our spaces in order to encourage placemaking outcomes? That is, a purposeful strategy to factor people into the planning process of making public spaces (What is placemaking, 2008).    What relates is an article I read about third places (not home…

Silver Spring Maryland

Recently we delivered some products to downtown Silver Spring Maryland. Since the turn of the 21st century the town has seen a huge regrowth in development. There are a plethora of new shops down main street such as next day blinds. ┬áIf you’re on your way to the capital stop…